130 Av. Santa María, 15074 Lima, Peru

Business Details

CMS is one of the few international law firms with regional presence in Latin America. Our lawyers based in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru practice the legal systems in their respective jurisdictions and also benefit from the global support of CMS.

Clients tell us that our genuine ability to assemble the right teams, wherever they are located, sets up apart from other firms. The expertise of over 5500 lawyers spread across 70+ cities can be mobilised quickly to create the best team for every situation. As an international law firm, our legal arguments, documentation and transaction management skills bring international standards of excellence to operations in and around Latin America. This means more peace of mind, more robust relationships with stakeholders and a more successful business outcome.

As a full-service law firm, we work with key players who are shaping business in Latin America, including national and multinational industry leaders and government agencies, as well as with key stakeholders in North America. We are also well-connected to Asia. This international approach is thanks to being one of the largest law firms worldwide. If you are looking to operate or expand in Latin America, or export out of the region, we look forward to discussing your business with you.

130 Av. Santa María, 15074 Lima, Peru