CPB Abogados

341 Jirón Monterrey, 15038 Lima, Peru

Business Details

Founded in 1999, CPB Abogados is a full-service law firm that offers a comprehensive range of legal services for both domestic and foreign clients.

Our professionals are legal specialists in providing multidisciplinary advice of the highest quality and with a deep knowledge of the various economic sectors, in order to understand the challenges, objectives and business opportunities of our clients and thus be able to offer tailor-made solutions with a real commitment to quality and customer service.

Because of its orientation towards serving corporate clients, CPB Abogados has developed special strengths in civil, commercial, corporate, merger & acquisition, labor law, taxation, real estate, administrative and intellectual property among others, as well as defending its client’s interests in courts.

CPB Abogados offers its clients unbeatable quality of service and sound counsel by giving excellence in service, a clear sense of commitment, and a strict code of ethical conduct, which are basis for a long-term relationships with its clients.

341 Jirón Monterrey, 15038 Lima, Peru

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